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When Going Social, Lose Your Tie!

Lose It! This is the new media gentlemen. You want to communicate with your customers? Lose your tie! It is really simple! Social media is all about interaction and engagement with others. You can’t follow the traditional etiquette method of communicating with your customer, you have to step out of […]

Twitter Marketing Beirut

Twitter is a Big Deal!

This is how you increase your followers on Twitter! No doubt the success of your twitter account is linked to the number of engagements and followers and the type of content you share. But what are the factors that will help you to optimise your Twitter account and how can […]

Does Size Really Matter?

It Does! Hmmm…Well we’ve asked this question to involved professionals and they all agreed that yes, size does matter but its not the only contributor to happiness. True the bigger the better but what about the more active the better? Yes people, we are talking about the number of fans […]

Do I Care?

Email Marketing is one of the oldest online marketing techniques that is still heavily used nowadays from most organizations and marketers.

Effective Landing Page Strategies

In the Eyes of Your Visitor

Make Them Feel Welcome! Imagine someone coming to visit you for the first time. What are the thing you do to have the right impression. First thing is making sure to make your house look neat. When your door bell rings, you would open the door greet the visitor, and guide him/her to […]

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Keep it Fresh

10 Ways to Build a Permissive Database! Do you know that an average of 25% of your database is lost each year? Indeed; people get board if they are not properly entertained or if they are spammed by loads of similar email content or for any reason, but the result […]