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According to studies and research
Instagram today has dominated the social media
world to become the go-to place for brands making
their impact, promoting their products
and servicing followers to
become actual buyers.

Instagram is way more than selfies and puppy videos

Looking back, Instagram first started in 2010 and continuously evolved until reaching what is today. But this social media witnessed a lot of changes and updates where businesses had a big share of. In 2018, Instagram introduced a dozens of features to serve businesses from detailed analytics to shoppable posts and new methods to drive traffic from instagram stories to reaching the launch of IGTV.

Who’s Using Instagram?

Well, the right question should be – who isn’t? Top fashion brands just like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Adidas, and Nike in addition to thousands of others have been aggressively using Instagram to promote and convert. Not to mention other industry leaders such as Oreo, Starbuck, Fedex, MasterCard, Citi Bank and the list just continues.

There are over 1 Billion reasons why you should take this training

Stats show that over 1 billion people around the world use Instagram monthly and 500 million of them use this platform on a daily uses. Additionally, Instagram includes 25 million business profiles, where over 200 million users visiting at least one business profile every day.

Instagram Course Outline

Day 1

Getting Started with Instagram

instagram marketing workshop

In this section, we will start with the basics of Instagram. You will learn what is needed to create a powerful business profile that attracts followers and represents your brand/company in a professional manner. You will also learn the best practices when creating your handle as well as selecting your account name that represents your brand.

Creating a “Selling” Instagram Bio

Why is a bio important? and what will it help to achieve? This topic will guide through getting a killer bio that speaks directly with your potential clients and increase your number of followers. We will be presenting the “FAB” module as well as adding hashtags in addition to other helpful spacing tricks.

Identifying Your Potential Followers 

In order to make the best out of your Instagram marketing efforts, you should clearly understand who your potential followers are and where are they hang out on Instagram. We will show you how to identify your prospects, and how to target them with the right message and the right hashtags.

Creating Your Content Calendar on Instagram

In this section, we will start by creating your Instagram content calendar to work on. We will go through the detailed steps of how to create the calendar and what are the elements needed to perfect it. We will also show you 8 different types of images that you can post on Instagram and how to never run out of content to share.

Best Times to Post on Instagram

Here, we will show you, based on studies, what are the best times to post on Instagram and what are the most receptive days of the week to post according to studies. We will then add a schedule to the content calendar and learn why we need to prepare a “Plan B”.

Best Ways to Increase Exposure of Your Posts

We will present 3 main strategies that will help you promote your posts and attract new followers using hashtags, social proof, and social cross promotion. This section is helpful to understand how your future media should be posted in order to attract higher number of new followers and maintain your engagement rate with your actual followers.

Day 2

Using the Power of Hashtags to Connect with Your Followers & Attract New Ones

In this section, we will show you how and where to pick up the most used hashtags pertaining to your business and how to adopt them to your media. You will also learn how to balance the hashtags you can use in order to sustain a long-term growth for your account.

Growing Your Audience by Leveraging Your Followers

We will show you some strategies you can apply to further grow your audience by leveraging your current followers and making them become brand ambassadors to your account. This will help you increase your followers’ gain quickly and effectively.

Most Successful Strategies to Promote Your Account

You will be introduced to the most common and successful strategies that help you promote your business account and when/why to use each strategy on its own. We will present long and short term strategies that will promote your account taking into consideration the 3 most powerful Instagram mindsets that will help in increasing your followers and getting higher engagement.

Most Successful Use of Instagram Stories and Live for Your Business

It is very important to understand why stories and live are getting the highest engagement rate and are being one of the key elements in promoting accounts. We will show you how to leverage the power of stories and how to reflect it to your business needs and give you the most modern tips for creating your story. We will also discuss what is needed to have a successful live broadcast and how to replay your live to capture higher viewership and engagement.

Instagram Advertising Types and Strategies

In this section, we will present the types of advertising options available on Instagram, and the objective of each type on its own. You will learn what type of ad to use, when, and how by using simple and clear strategies. 

Marketing Your Account Through IGTV

Finally, we will introduce Instagram TV or what is called the IGTV and show you how to use this app and find potential audience that you can attract into your account. You will also learn how to use IGTV as an advertising channel.

What Else?

Price: 675,000 L.L./person
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Beirut – Lebanon

Schedule: Course Canceled
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