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Online Marketing is No More a Luxury, It’s a Must!

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Are you aware of the importance of social media marketing and its positive effects on your business? Do you want to become a professional individual in social media marketing and online advertising? Now it’s your chance to benefit from our advanced social media and online marketing course.

Why do you need this training?

Because nowadays almost everyone is online!

A recent study about Internet habits in our region has registered remarkable figures that show that the Middle East is ripe for expansion in Online Marketing & Advertising. Here’s some figures collected in the region: Number of internet users is 108 million individual (40% of the total Middle East population). Percentage of Facebook users is 94. 6.5 million individuals use Twitter with around 10 million daily tweets. 5.8 million individuals use LinkedIn. 258 million YouTube views daily, 90 million of which are from KSA only. Definitely these numbers are remarkable enough to make you reconsider your online marketing strategy and invest more focus on the potential that you will gain when doing proper digital marketing.

What will you learn?

Our customised training course is a blend of all online marketing principles that you need to learn in order to become a real professional and be capable of launching successful online marketing plans using the latest techniques and deepest winning strategies.   What is different about our course is that we study your business properly and help you customise the marketing strategies to meet your desired objectives. So basically, we are helping you out with your plan and teaching you what needs to be done, how and when. By the end of the course, we guarantee that you will be armed with solid techniques in online marketing and are able to jump-start your first campaign successfully.

Our course will mainly focus on the following topics:

Day 1:

Getting Started

  • Introduction to marketing (Inbound and Outbound)
  • Customer behaviour towards marketing
  • Contemporary revolution of internet marketing and the role of traditional marketing
  • The difference between Inbound and Outbound marketing & characteristics of each
  • Most common and used channels of Inbound Marketing

Digging In

  • Getting Started with Internet marketing
  • Understanding the basics of Internet marketing channels
  • Understanding the benefits of the most common Internet marketing channels
  • Understanding the basics of constructing a well-planned Internet marketing strategy

Social Media for Business

  • The evolution of communication media
  • What is social media and why companies should care
  • How can social media benefit businesses
  • Developing your social media strategy
  • 10 common mistakes businesses make during start ups

Facebook for Business

  • Introduction to Facebook
  • How to promote a business page
  • How to advertise on Facebook
  • How to develop and execute a successful marketing strategy?
  • Understand Facebook’s best practices
  • Understand Facebook’s role in marketing
  • The “Why, What and How” of leveraging on Facebook?
  • How can you measure and keep an ongoing successful track of your Facebook campaigns?
  • Insights into Facebook Analytics to move rapidly and profitably against competition

Twitter for Business

  • Twitter 101
  • Basic Twitter Vocabulary
  • Twitter from a business perspective
  • Setting up and optimising your profile
  • The use of twitter for marketing & branding
  • The use of twitter for public relations
  • The use of twitter for customer service
  • Tracking and analysing twitter campaigns

Instagram for Business

  • Why Instagram
  • Building a follower base through Instagram
  • Using the hidden marketing tools behind Instagram
  • Creating engagement
  • Converting followers to clients

Visuals in Social Media Marketing 

  • Creating appealing visuals aligned with your overall content strategy
  • Creating the proper visuals to represent your company’s business model
  • Selecting the tone and voice of your visuals used in each channel
  • Using photoshop to create your social designs
  • Design rules for each social channel

Day 2

Online Advertising

  • The use of online advertising
    • The elements behind successful online advertising
    • Defining main and target objectives for online advertising
    • Product segmentation in online advertising
    • Identifying target audience
    • Most common types of online advertising
    • Text advertising
    • Banner advertising
    • Sponsorship advertising
  • Text advertising
    • How it works
    • Benefits of text advertising
    • When to use text advertising
    • Elements to improve your ad performance
    • Elements to improve lead generation process
    • Tips for creating a successful text ad advertising
    • Writing a well-structured ad copy
    • Targeting the main three types of customers
    • Selecting proper keywords for text advertising
    • Common mistakes to avoid for keyword selection
    • Banner advertising
  • How it works
    • Benefits of banner ads
    • When to use banner ads
    • Elements that make an effective banner ad
    • Universal standards of banner ads
    • Google ads fundamentals
    • Introduction to AdWords
    • Account management
    • Campaign and group management
    • Keyword targeting
    • Language and location targeting
    • Ad formats
    • Budgeting and bidding
  • Measurement and optimisation
  • Performance, profitability and growth
  • Managing multiple accounts

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • What is the process of search engine optimisation
  • Why is SEO important for business
  • Search engine basics
  • What are crawlers
  • What is indexing
  • Search engine algorithm and index
  • What is meta-tags
  • Basic SEO checklist
  • SEO fundamentals
  • Getting keywords for SEO
  • Optimizing digital assets
  • Making search engine friendly
  • Most common mistakes of SEO
  • SEO migration plan
  • Link building for better SEO
  • Search analytics
  • Other common techniques of SEO

Email Marketing

  • What is email marketing
  • Why we still use email marketing
  • The basics of email marketing
  • Building connections for a better email marketing campaign
  • Where to build your connections’ list
  • How to build your connections’ list
  • Collecting information and permissions for organic email marketing campaigns
  • Creating valuable email marketing
  • Informative email characteristics
  • Promotional email characteristics
  • Common practices for a successful email marketing campaign

Web Marketing Analytics

  • Why do we need a web marketing analytics tools
  • Most common tools for website measurement
  • How and when the collected data will help your marketing campaign
  • Defining the elements of web marketing tools

Learning Outcome

After attending this course, you will be able to:

  • Successfully use the Internet for marketing activities
  • Become an expert in the latest techniques of social media and online marketing channels
  • Understand the context of Internet marketing, e-business models, performance matrix, and the role of strategic planning
  • Identify various modes of Internet marketing channels and proper implementation of each tool
  • Know how to use marketing functions of product, pricing, distribution, and marketing communication for a firm’s E-marketing strategy
  • Others..

What else?

Additionally, MarketingBlends offers professional consultancy services for companies and professionals in  the field of online marketing. Our team will study your objectives, understand your requirements, assess your current status, and offer expert consultation advice for what needs to be implemented and how to reach your goals strategically. Our team will draft a report assessing your website and social media status, including guidelines to optimise your website’s ranking, usability and functionality.


B.Hive – Beirut, Lebanon

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Course Price:

The price of attending this two-day course is 825,000 L.L./person including coffee breaks and lunch. If you are a group of four or more, ask for your group discount!


From 9.00 AM till 6.00 PM Daily


Please bring your laptop with you.

Who’s Your Trainer

A certified marketing guy with a proven track record of success at the highest level. With an experience of more than 14 years, Omar highly contributed in developing and presenting constant strategies for organizations to “speak out” differently, thus leading significant marketing programs that delivered tangible benefits. He is a well-known commenter on marketing issues, an active blogger, a trainer and a consultant in social media and online marketing who loves to share his practical experience with everyone.

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