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It’s not a secret anymore that social media
marketing is growing at a very fast pace and has
changed the way we live our lives. With more than 3 billion people
use social media, an average of 2 hours per day spent on these
networks, and a percentage of 54% of social browsers use social media
to research products and make buying decisions, social media
can’t be avoidable anymore and is here to stay.

It’s booming like never before

Remember in 2007 – 2008 when social media marketing was just becoming a “thing”? And then for a few years after that social media marketing became the “thing”? Well today, numbers, stats, and everything else confirm that social media marketing is not a luxury anymore, it’s an essential tool for marketers to reach out and for businesses to engage with potential customers.

Numbers Speak

social media marketing workshop in beirut

Social media has taken each and every industry by storm. If you haven’t jumped into the wagon of social media yet or didn’t find a way yet to do so, you’re at risk! Remember, your competitors are already there.

Speaking in numbers, Facebook has 2.41 billion monthly active users with 80 million business pages whereas YouTube has 1.9 billion monthly active users with 23 million channels. Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users with 500+ million daily active users.

Twitter on the other side has 326 million monthly active users with more than 500 million tweet per day. And Finally, LinkedIn has more than 300 million active users with 1.2+ billion daily active users.

As a social media marketer, and if you’re not convinced yet, leave now! You will be happy to reach even a fraction of the user-base with any of the activity you’re doing there.

Time to take action

Modern marketers have stopped thinking of social media marketing as a secondary method to be used whenever time is available. In fact, these marketers, which today shape more than 70%, have given social media a priority over other channels and bounded it with their activities due to the huge response attained and the high flexibility these networks offer.

Marketing through social media is one of the most versatile and cost-effective strategies that small business can use to reach their target audience and boost sales over time.

However, in order to achieve the best from social media and get effectively engaged with your audience, you need to educate yourself and learn the tips and tricks behind social media marketing success.

This is what we offer you in our two-day social media marketing workshop. We will guide you through getting ready to plan your social media and walk with you to the advanced hacks and tips of being a professional social media marketer.

Social Media Marketing Course Outline

Day 1

Getting to know marketing better

In this section, we will tap into the basics of marketing in general and understand how to construct a proper marketing plan that could be used anywhere. This section is very important to start with as it will pave the way to us when tackling social media marketing techniques.

Getting ready with Social Media

In this section, we will get introduced to social media basics, the uses of social media, and what needs to be planned and done before launching our social media strategy. This section will introduce social media listening and monitoring tools, setting up smart objectives, understanding what is buyer personas and your KPIs.

Building Your Content Strategy

This section will focus on the techniques and requirements for building a successful content strategy that will help you launch your social media marketing. We will highlight on the types of content available, building a content plan, and how to distribute content per social media channel.

Facebook Marketing

Here we will start with the real deal. We will cover Facebook marketing in specific and dig in its details to understand how this monster channel works and what needs to be done to making the best out of our presence there. We will work together to setup a Facebook business page, learn techniques to getting more likes to your page, and understand the types of facebook posts available. After that, we will explore Facebook advertising and the different options available as well as the best times of posting. We will end this section with tracking and measuring results.

Day 2

YouTube Marketing

We’ll start our day by explaining more about YouTube Marketing and its importance for businesses. We will create a branded YouTube channel and learn how to optimize videos for SEO. We will then continue by learning what applications are available to create videos with a single drag and drop feature. Afterwards, we will continue by building a YouTube marketing strategy and understand what analytics YouTube offers.

Instagram Marketing

In this section, we will understand the importance of Instagram for your business. We will start by knowing the types of accounts available, types of Instagram posts, and the importance of hashtags on Instagram. We will then continue by planning a marketing strategy over Instagram, know what times to posts and get into Instagram advertising. We will end this section by getting familiar with Instagram Analytics.

Twitter Marketing

In this section, we will cover everything related to marketing through Twitter. We will start by setting up your Twitter account, and get introduced to the posts on Twitter. We will then discuss the importance of hashtags on Twitter and how to use them. We will then build a Twitter marketing plan and understand when to post. After that, we will dig into Twitter advertising and how to measure our results.

LinkedIn Marketing

We will end our social media marketing training with LinkedIn and explain the importance of LinkedIn to your business. We will start by setting up your LinkedIn company account, understand the types of posts available, and also highlight on the importance of Hashtags on LinkedIn. After that, we will structure a marketing plan for LinkedIn, understand the proper posting times and go through LinkedIn’s advertising. We will end this lecture with measuring our results and how to read analytics.

What Else?

Price: 825,000 L.L./person
Group discounts available

Location: B.Hive – Hamra
Beirut – Lebanon

Schedule: Course Canceled
From 9:00 AM till 6:00 PM

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Social media marketing is not rocket-science, it is social media. We make sure you understand and apply what is needed to excel in social media marketing and not anything else. ” If you have any additional inquiry, please feel free to send us an email on [email protected] You also can contact us anytime at +961.3.936304.

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