Online Marketing

Online Marketing is Now & Tomorrow

Online Marketing has highly emerged to become the number one marketing
tool to suit our modern days. Why is that? Because simply, online marketing targets what any business is looking for.

Regardless of what you offer, through online marketing you can find a way to reach out for your customers, or simply create new range of customers.

What is really adorable about online marketing is how you can blend different marketing channels together to come up with a structured and well-designed marketing campaign that is measurable and pays back with the investment that you choose on your own. You don’t need to allocate a high budget to reach out for your goals. Through online marketing, you can play it smart and win your clients in the most efficient way.


However, unlike offline marketing, online marketing requires more attention and focus as it is considered a measurable, targeted, and cost-effective marketing channel that you can only reach out for whom you wish. It is also named as permissive marketing where clients search for you, unlike interruptive marketing where clients are bombarded by your marketing activities in their private times.

Many studies showed that Inbound Marketing or online marketing have the targeted conversion effect if properly blended.

For instance, when a user is googling used cars in Beirut and your ad for used cars appears to him, it will make sense for the user to click on your ad and visit your website to become a potential buyer of your cars. Or even when a searcher is looking for information about used cars and is redirected to your blog that speaks about how to buy a used car, then you have built an indirect sales pitch that promotes your business and generate leads.

What I am trying to say here, is that online marketing is characterised with flexibility and can deliver what you ask for if properly used. If you want to reach out for a client, don’t over do it, do whatever is needed to be done “cleverly” and he will definitely come on his own.

Here are some rules you have to follow when thinking of starting your online marketing campaigns

Setup your SMART objectives

Smart here comes in two meanings, first the regular smart which is being clever and second SMART as in Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Scaled.

Know your product/service

Believe me, many marketers do not know the specifics of their products and services and might end up with a failing campaign just because of lack of knowledge. Many times the deepest information you have for your product can be converted to your most effective marketing tool that clicks. You need to ask yourself here, what is my product/service? What do I sell/offer? How my product/service rank in competition? What is my competitive edge?

Understand your customer

Know your customers! This is the ABC of marketing. But yet, you need to dig deeper to understand their behavioural activities and interest so you can target them effectively. You need to know their gender, age demographic, interest, preferred languages, location, purchase power (if possible), etc. This data will help you customise your campaign to target your different audience. You can rely on research companies to collect this information on behalf of you or conduct surveys to your customers/walk-ins.

Define your starting budget

Allocating a specific budget is definitely important. However in case you do not have a clue of what would every channel costs on its own or maybe you don’t know which channel will pay back better, then you need to allocate an overall budget and spread it equally to your desired channels. Once your campaign is launched, you can customise your budget depending on performance.

Choose your online marketing channels

Here comes the most important job; choosing your channels. Now depending on the output of the previous steps, you will get an idea of where to launch your campaign. For example, if you are looking for people to buy your products, then you are searching for a conversion campaign where you only pay when people visit your website or click on your ad. A Google Cost-per-Click (CPC) may sound interesting to you. Or even you can get a Cost-per-Acquisition campaign where you only pay when people convert to leads. Facebook also offers such type of advertising where you target people on Facebook and get them to your website. Of course this is only an example of what you can do to generate leads, many other options are available for this option.

Now if you are looking to brand your product and familiarise it with your target audience, you then must look for Banner advertisement spread on relevant websites with high traffic, or could be using YouTube advertising to showcase your services/products, and even your premises.

If you are looking for engagement, or increasing your fan base, you are looking for an engagement promotion mainly spread through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, etc.

Great, now what?

Once you’ve done your homework, you are ready to go. But wait, you forgot about the landing page! A landing page is a specific online page that allows users to get to know who are you and what you offer. It is very essential to have a landing page that can speak on its own and familiarise your users with what you offer and why they are here.

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