To Post or Not To Post, That is The Question

The Best Times To Post on Social Media in 2019

What if Shakespeare was a social media specialist and had to promote his novel Hamlet on social media? Thinking about it, he probably would have launched a trendy hashtag #tobeornottobe or maybe a #tobechallenge that would challenge people to read and understand what is written – no offense.

But what’s more important is that Shakespeare should find the best posting schedule to get higher engagement rates and reach his target audience on the platforms they prefer. It sounds easy but trust me, in some situations, it’s a “not-to-be” task.

social media posting strategy 2019

Back to you, it’s not a joke anymore, if you haven’t gone on the social media wagon, then you’re probably dead. We all agree that social media marketing has helped and continue to help brands succeed in amplifying their digital presence and generate business.

But this success doesn’t come by chance (well most of the times it doesn’t). In order to succeed in social media, you need to consider many factor; on top of which is knowing the best times to post on social media.

This is a frequent question that is asked by social media marketers. Unfortunately, there’s isn’t anything by the book, but the good thing is that advanced studies have been conducted on different social channels in several time frames during the day and came out with results that show the highest engagement rate per channel.

Best Times to Post on Facebook

With the new changes that Facebook has done, let’s admit that it’s almost impossible to get high engagement rate from organic reach alone unless your page is frequently visited by your fans and favorited by them.

At all cases studies showed that the best times to post on Facebook in 2019 are between 12 noon and 4 in the afternoon. The second-best timings for posting are at 9 in the morning and 8 in the evening.

Best days to post on Facebook?

Surprisingly, studies shown that posting on Wednesdays generates the highest engagement rate for brands. Why it’s a surprise? Because brands usually post less frequent on Wednesdays and focus more on Mondays.

The second-best day to post on Facebook is Friday, where comments on average account for 17% during this day and likes account for around 16%. Thursdays comes in third place.

Best times to post on Instagram

Although Insta is owned by Facebook, yet the engagement is different than that of Facebook. You may find a higher engagement on Instagram than Facebook if you’re targeting the millennials and aiming to engage with your customers, spread awareness, showcase your new products, etc.

According to studies, the best times to post on Instagram are during work hours reaching a peak between 12 at noon and 2 in the afternoon. Posts published between 5 in the afternoon and 8 in the evening also tend to attract good engagement.

Best days to post on Instagram?

Instagram tends to qualify higher number of brand engagement during weekdays more than weekends. Wednesdays come in first where comments and favorites reach the highest.

Best times to post on Twitter

Twitter’s behavior is somehow like Facebook. People use it through mobile and desktop computer both from work and at home. To many, Twitter is considered as a news feed or an RSS Feed about their preferred interest.

Ideally, the best times to post your tweets are during work hours reaching a peak at 12 in the noon and followed by 5 & 6 PM just when people are about to leave their offices.

Best days to post on Twitter

Studies have shown that Twitter’s best performance is during weekdays reaching a peak on Wednesday. Saturdays and Sundays rank the lowest in conversion.

Best times to post on LinkedIn

Being a B2B social media, LinkedIn’s highest engagement is witnessed at 8 AM, 12 PM, and between 5-6 PM. This makes perfect sense as most of us check our LinkedIn accounts during work hours for business purposes or to seek new career opportunities.

Best days to post on LinkedIn

Definitely not the weekends! People tend to check their LinkedIn feed during weekdays. LinkedIn gets high engagement rate on Tuesdays till Thursdays reaching its peak on Tuesdays. Mondays and Fridays come in second as studies show that the engagements in these two days get lower rate than Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Great, what’s next? If you think you will have get good results through following the above, well you might not! Why? It’s because this study should be treated ONLY as an indicator and not as an ultimate rule that can’t be broken.

Remember, social media marketing is all about customization. Your audience are different than others’ audience. You might be targeting gulf countries that follow different work days schedule or maybe your audience are university students that don’t follow the 9-5 schedule.

But what I recommend you to do is to simply start your posting strategy based on the above data and monitor the engagement results in order to customize and create your own posting strategy that fits your objectives.

How can you define your best posting strategy?

Read your social media analytics and see when and where you’re hitting your highest engagement rates. Based on the stats you’re getting, you can start customizing your posting schedule accordingly. Through this, you might end up quitting some social media channels and focusing on the ones you’re getting good results from.

In order to reach these results, you should monitor your analytics for at least one month thus testing different time scales and writing down your results.

For some, it might appear hard in the start but trust me the results you achieve will be outstanding. You will then get a grip on this behavior and understand clearly when to post.

You can either depend on the social media analytics given by Facebook, Twitter, and others, or refer to a paid service that does all the hustle for you and give you a final report about your best strategy.

Are we done here?

Not quite! Even if you select the best posting strategy customized to your audience, you should follow the social media etiquettes that will finally bring your social media marketing to light.

If you feel you don’t have the skills or maybe the time to perform your social media marketing activities, talk to us and we will find a solution for you.