The Social Media Etiquette Rules

The Social Media Etiquette Rules

Here are some social media marketing etiquette rules you need to follow to be a powerful social media marketer.

Do not talk about yourself

Your people want to voice their opinion. Give them the space to share it with you and most importantly appreciate their opinion. You never know where a good opinion may come from. Ask questions, request their feedback, evrules of social mediaaluate your product through them, and improve when you can. That way, your audience will appreciate your efforts in engaging them with business decisions you might be doing other than providing them monologue ads about what achievements you are doing. Of course providing them with such information is valuable however do not let your social media channels only an announcement channel.

Use the 80/20 Rule:

The secret recipe to successfully engage with your audience on social media is by applying the 80/20 rule. It is really simple. Make 80% of your content non-promotional and interesting to your audience to make them engage better with you and dedicate the remaining 20% to promotional and sales pitch to your brand. It’s quite easy. You do not have to own the 80% content; the web is full of engaging content, use them. Sharing content from other resources is not OK, it is essential. Whenever you find something interesting on the web, go ahead and share it on your page. Here comes the role of curated content. Curated content does not mean sharing an interesting article as it was received or seen by the author of this content; it means that you add your own twist and voice in it. You may consider adding a customized image to this content that reflect the topic you are sharing and at the same time adding your visuals to it. Make it unique.

Customise Your Shares

Each social media channel has its own characteristics. Sharing a post on Facebook can’t be shared on Twitter without customization, and of course can’t be shared on LinkedIn as well as is. You need to customize the way you target your followers on the different hubs you’re active on. For example, if you have a piece of content you would like to share on Facebook, you can do so by using around 250 characters and an image whereas sharing the same content on Twitter will appear broken. That’s why you need to customize your tweet and use around 115 characters, hashtags, and an image if possible. If this content is part of your 80% content, it is recommended not to share it on LinkedIn and keep the business/promotional content for this professional social media. That way you will be effectively customising your shares according to the habits of the three main social media.

Finally, Analyze and Modify

What is good about Inbound Marketing is that you have the power to modify at any time. Use this power to modify your strategy based on what the results show you. Analyzing your results is not standard; you have to take into consideration many aspects to know whether you are on the right track or not. Look back into your objectives of starting your social media marketing; are you converting leads to your business? Are you increasing your social presence and interacting with your fans? Are your providing customer support through social media? According to your prioritized goals, you will then get a clear evaluation of your results and accordingly can act upon that. But remember to give your social presence some time to convert. At the end of the day, and like any other tactic, it is not a magic touch that will make you reach your goals immediately.

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