How Chatbots Affect Social Media?

Chatbots are the future of social media

If you want to move to the future of social media, recruit Sonny, the robot from “I, Robot” movie who claimed he had feelings and emotions and used to dream. Sonny was programmed to help mankind and managed to become sociable with his surroundings until he earned the trust of someone who once was an enemy of robots, Will Smith.

Let’s cut the drama, how many times have you visited a social media page and a greeting popup message welcomes you and start asking you question? The more you answer the deeper you get until you get all the answers you may desire.

If you think that there’s someone sitting behind his computer and waiting for your visit, think again. This is a chatbot.

There is always something new trending in the virtual world, but when it comes to social media particularly the scene is absolutely different. On social media, not always fresh things make way but some of the good old products which once were discarded after reaching a height of success also get evolved and eventually embraced by big brands.

Same is true for chatbots, which once appeared as a citadel in crumbles is now again emerging as an effective tool for social media marketers.

So, take a glimpse at how chatbots are dominating the social media marketing world by affecting social media to a great extent. However, before discussing this it will be prudent to press F5 and refresh your memory about what chatbots exactly are.

What are chatbots?

Technically, chatbots are computer-based messaging programs that apply human intelligence in chatting or conversations and could be found on any website or social media platform, like Facebook. In this, the use of pre-set phrases is done when some common queries are asked. Based on the way a human would behave in conversation with anyone, these chatbots also use data and specific patterns for better results.

That said, now it is time to ponder that why chatbots are suddenly becoming popular in the social media able. For this, it will be important to go to the flashback when it all started in 2016.

Chatbots and Social Media

When it comes to marketing automation tools then chatbots appear in the top list and why won’t it is instrumental in gigantic growth of instant messaging services. However, all was not the same for chatbots when it was introduced by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in April 2016.

In a nutshell, one can say that the following reasons have led to the popularity of chatbots on social media:

  • Ability to answer immediately
  • Offer all time availability
  • Capability to process large volumes
  • Immunized from human errors
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Enhanced User-Experience
  • Proper Handling of customer queries

As of now, you know why chatbots are able to affect social media still, one question remains unanswered and that is –

How to use chatbots on social networking websites?

Just by knowing that a particular tool or technique can boost your sale doesn’t improve your ROI. You need to learn the tips for applying it in the best way for better results. The same applies to chatbots usage as in the virtual world you race against the time. Therefore, it is indispensable to opt for solutions that offer an immediate response to the users and what could be better than chatbots.

You probably are reading what’s written in Chinese but in order to simplify things, pay a visit to these Chatbots and play around them on your social media page or your website. It is much simpler than you think.

So, for a thundering response drive through the following social media chatbot tricks.

Personalization is the key to success with chatbots

You know chatbots use artificial intelligence (AI), but you need to make them believe that it is for real by offering personalized experiences. The more you keep chatbots on social media messaging platforms interactive the higher are the chances of better results.

When you combine an advanced search mechanism with the chatbot that includes the historical customer data to offer suggestions that are in coherence with the desires of the customers then you are able to impress your customers, thereby achieving your target.

Humanize your Chatbots by creating a persona

Instilling a personality into your chatbots give your customers an impression that you care for them. That’s why it is necessary for you to humanize the raw social marketing metrics. Make your social marketing team sit with your developers and let them add a persona to the language of your social media chatbots just like a human would respond to a customer. 

Keep improving and evaluating the chatbot response

If you want your personalized chatbot to thrive on social media websites, such as Twitter and Facebook, then you must regularly evaluate the performance of the chatbots and try to bring improvements in it to offer an enhanced user-friendly experience.

Final Thoughts

The bubble of curiosity for new technological tools get punctured with time but when a thing makes a comeback then it means it does have potential and only a fool will remain in slumber. Definitely, there are paradoxes and unpredictable twists, but it profusely depends on you how you handle things.

So, stop toggling between optimism and despair. Choose chatbots for improved interaction on social media with your clients or customers. You just need to add vibrancy and electricity to your chatbots and let your customers feel that they are taken by you seriously.

The world of Social media networking moves seamlessly and those who do not know how to act fast are left behind.

Make sure you utilize the chatbots on your social media accounts in an efficient way so that it helps you improve your interaction with your customers.

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