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To Post or Not To Post, That is The Question

The Best Times To Post on Social Media in 2019 What if Shakespeare was a social media specialist and had to promote his novel Hamlet on social media? Thinking about it, he probably would have launched a trendy hashtag #tobeornottobe or maybe a #tobechallenge that would challenge people to read […]

Un-Boring and Un-Similar Social Media? Yes, You Can!

Here’s some tips on how to be “un-boring” in your social media marketing activities Social media nowadays is one of the major marketing tools that help growing any business. From this perspective, many businesses have started investing in social media. According to “Hubspot” statistics, 92% of marketers claimed that social media […]

How Social Media Can Backfire on You

Here’s how social media can backfire on you.  Well, social media came to facilitate the networking between individuals. It has evolved to become an essential tool for marketers to boost their business and interact with the client base. More than that, it has proved itself to be an impactful tool […]

The Social Media Etiquette Rules

The Social Media Etiquette Rules Here are some social media marketing etiquette rules you need to follow to be a powerful social media marketer. Do not talk about yourself Your people want to voice their opinion. Give them the space to share it with you and most importantly appreciate their […]

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Developing a Successful Social Media Strategy

Developing a Successful Social Media Strategy Being a social media marketer is not about getting likes to your Facebook page or attracting followers to your Twitter account, or even creating your community on Google +, its way deeper than that. It requires special skills and techniques that helps you become […]

Do You Blog??

Blogging is Critical to the Success of Your Business Do you know that 79% of companies have a corporate blog and 43% of which acquired new customers? That is because blogging is increasingly becoming a critical success factor of your business and emerged as one of the most important channels in […]

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Why Marketers Shouldn’t Ignore Instagram Anymore?

Towards a successful online marketing, steps are made simple! Because Instagram is the fastest growing social media channel globally with over 300 million users. To begin with, Instagram was launched in October 2012. The service is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking that enables its users to take pictures […]

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When Going Social, Lose Your Tie!

Lose It! This is the new media gentlemen. You want to communicate with your customers? Lose your tie! It is really simple! Social media is all about interaction and engagement with others. You can’t follow the traditional etiquette method of communicating with your customer, you have to step out of […]

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Twitter is a Big Deal!

This is how you increase your followers on Twitter! No doubt the success of your twitter account is linked to the number of engagements and followers and the type of content you share. But what are the factors that will help you to optimise your Twitter account and how can […]

Does Size Really Matter?

It Does! Hmmm…Well we’ve asked this question to involved professionals and they all agreed that yes, size does matter but its not the only contributor to happiness. True the bigger the better but what about the more active the better? Yes people, we are talking about the number of fans […]