Does Size Really Matter?

It Does!

Hmmm…Well we’ve asked this question to involved professionals and they all agreed that yes, size does matter but its not the only contributor to happiness. True the bigger the better but what about the more active the better? Yes people, we are talking about the number of fans and follow base on social media (Hoping we’re all on the same page).

It is quite challenging to increase the number of your fans and followers on social media but whsocial media marketing beirutat is more challenging is to make them interact with your page and content. I’ve noticed a lot of pages on Facebook with a big number of fans but zero interaction and engagement. Engagement my friends is everything. What would you do with 30K followers where you can’t generate a single like from any or engage them for any action? That is why you always need to be fresh in your content and get involved with your customers to build up an interesting-to-share community.

So the best blend would be is to focus on generating new likers/followers and at the same time enriching them with interesting content as we discussed in a previous post.

Here are some tips to increase your fans

Invite your friends

A very simple suggest to a friend can get you likes from your friends and eventually friends of your friends. Share your Twitter handle with your friends as well and reach out for a wider audience.

Integrate your social media in your website & email communications

Have your social media with your website and email communications. Have share buttons on your website at which users can share your content directly from your website and will be redirected to a message asking them to either follow your account or like your page.

Have your social media in offline communications

This could be on your business cards, flyers, brochures, corporate papers, etc… But make sure to write your Facebook page address or Twitter handle.

Add your social media channels in your physical premises

Display your social media channels where it is most visible to your customers that visit your premises. Use placard on front desks or distribute brochures and flyers. You can even use QR Code technology where users can automatically be redirected to your channels when scanning these codes.

Offer incentives to your followers

Whether it was special discounts, a freebies, or simply educational/informative content. You will end up increasing your fan base with potential customers that are interested in what you do.

Develop a competition/game

Competitions and games are the number one fan attracting tool on social media, especially when it is linked with gifts. If you want to go big and make a special boom on your social media, I recommend you develop a game using Facebook API to make an impact and increase the number of likers. Any idea can be built using an API and it can be customised to meet your target and objective. You only need to come up with the concept of the activity/game and let your developers and designers start their work. But in case you do not have these capabilities, you still can launch simple competitions like “tag and win”, or :like our page and enter draw to win”. On Twitter you can do the same through asking your users to tweet a certain hashtag that you create or follow your account and enter a draw to win. These are basic ideas and might think them cliché but guess what, they still blend.

Link your social media to your personal profile

You can use your personal profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Instagram or any other personal profile to link your channels to it.

Advertise your social media:

Use Facebook ads to bring in likers to your page and “promoted accounts” to increase the number of followers on Twitter. You can also use YouTube ads to bring in new subscribers to your channels. Google AdWords is always available to promote your Google+ page or even any channel you wish to use. Use LinkedIn as well to promote your group or company profile. The internet is full of advertising vehicles. Use the most appropriate for you that serves your goals.

Follow and Get Followed

Well this strategy mainly works on Twitter, Instagram, & Google +, where you follow relevant accounts and expect them to follow you back.

Finally, I repeat “yes size is important” but you need to get in action  to maintain a healthy social media presence.

In case you would like to get some personal recommendations and assistance in your upcoming social media marketing, contact us and we’re ready to help you.