When Going Social, Lose Your Tie!

Lose It!

This is the new media gentlemen. You want to communicate with your customers? Lose your tie! It is really simple! Social media is all about interaction and engagement with others. You can’t follow the traditional etiquette method of communicating with your customer, you have to step out of your corporate environment and socialise with your fans. You have to know that your fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other channel are following you for a reason and they expect from you to keep them engaged, informed, and entertained in what you are sharing. 

According to a recent study updated on July 2014, the average number of page likes per Facebook user is 40. But that does not mean that a user interacts with all these pages. In fact, users interact with only a handful of pages that keeps them interested, engaged, and involved. Why is that? Because simply these page have something special that keeps them coming back.

But still why? Well, its because these pages know how to reach their fans’ interest through charismatic posting.

Want to Have Your Charisma? Here are some few tips you need to consider

1- Socialise your communication 

Consider the human touch when communicating with your fans. Break this technological hurdle that is created behind the screen and talk freely with your fans. That means your posts have to be friendly, personalised, and engaging. Users on social media don’t take themselves very serious, and neither should your posts do. That does not mean that you strict your posts to jokes, fun, entertainment, funny images, etc. but create a balance between what is fun to view and what is essential to read. For example if you represent a restaurant page, you will find loads of entertaining subjects you can share with your fans along with the promotional messages you need to deliver. So your balance will be stuff like recipes-to-share, history and origin of certain food items,  jokes about chefs, etc..at the same time, you can showcase your mouthwatering steak, special cocktails mixes you offer, hygiene level and your comfortable food atmosphere, etc… Don’t forget your offers and special happy hours!social media marketing beirut

2- Don’t be boring

Be charismatic in the way your present your posts. Be a fresh speaker, talented, and show your credibility in what you offer. Trust me, a boring post will risk you lose your fans.

Dear Fans, We would like to inform you that we are pleased to present our newest burger that contains bla bla bla……BORING 

Our newest burger is ready to be served! Hello friends, we’re excited to bring you our latest mouthwatering innovation, a burger you never tasted before. Come in, join and experience the pleasure that will keep you coming back again and again! 

No need for further explanation, the difference is clear. Which one you would rather use?

3- Never leave an unread message or comment behind

What differs social media marketing with traditional marketing is the dialogue communication process. People sending you messages, commenting, retweeting your tweets, favouring your post, etc. should not be left behind. These fans demand your appreciation and special attention.  You should always be ready to respond to your users whenever they contact you. Create a dialogue communication stream between you and your fans and let them feel that you are always ready to respond to their questions and interactions. This makes them feel appreciated and surely will pay back.

4- Make shareable content

Its known that people trust recommendations from their surrounding more than they trust brands. If my friend recommends a special restaurant to visit in Beirut, I would be delighted to visit this restaurant and try it out. That’s why you have to build on that and come up with shareable content your fans can share with their friends. The most common posts people tend to share with their friends are the “Did You Know” content and attractive photos. Your steak can be a shareable content if its properly displayed with an engaging post to try it such as: Come try our mouthwatering dish specially cooked to match your taste! 

5- Encourage fan interactions with your page

Create a community where your most active fans are appreciated and rewarded on a weekly and monthly basis. Active fans are your brand ambassadors and will generate new businesses and new clients you might never reach alone. It’s a community, use it!

6- Post Occasional Greetings & Quotes

Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, Ramadan Kareem, Happy Country Day, Thank God It’s Friday, Please Don’t Come Monday, Work Hard Play Hard, etc.. These are all examples of what you should be posting occasionally. Remember when it comes to holidays and vacation, make sure to include everyone of them. That way you secure that all your fans are treated equally. Also include quotes and special messages when weekends starts, winter or summer time,  back to school season, and others. The best blend you can do is to find a link between the occasion and what you are offering indirectly.

7- Educate, Educate, and Give Value

Now what we have talked about is the way you want to socialize with your fans. But one thing you should consider is to be credible in the eyes of your fans. Spreading education in what you know always puts you one step ahead of your competitor. Give valuable content through white papers, recipes, downloadable content. Even if you find this piece of content somewhere on the internet, share it with your fans if you find it valuable. Always give generously and aim to become a credible source of information to your fans that they can refer to.

Remember your fans are your buddies, your sales people, and your potential clients, lose your tie.

If you would like us to help you out in your upcoming social media campaign or strategy, feel free to contact us and as always, we’re happy to help.