Twitter is a Big Deal!

This is how you increase your followers on Twitter!

No doubt the success of your twitter account is linked to the number of engagements and followers and the type of content you share. But what are the factors that will help you to optimise your Twitter account and how can you make the best of this impressive social channel?

The 140-character social media began as an idea that Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey had in 2006. Dorsey had originally imagined Twitter as an SMS-based communications platform. Groups of friends could keep tabs on what each other were doing based on their status updates. Like texting, but not.

Today, Twitter is considered 2nd most popular social media channel worldwide after Facebook according to

Great! Now here are some tips and tactics that might help you to boost up your Twitter account

Pimp your profile

The way your profile appears is essential to give viewers of your account a summary of whom you are and why are you on Twitter. Make sure to edit your header with an appealing image. The image could either be something related to your business interest or simply a neat image background that is fit well. The size of Twitter profile header should be 1500×500 Pixel. If you don’t want Twitter to resize the image, you can get away with 1263 x 421 pixel. Whereas the dimension of your profile photo should be 400×400. Also, you have to make sure to have a strong summary about yourself that describes your experience or use an attractive quote that describes yourself and attract the interest of your visitors. Be sure to fill out all the information Twitter request from you.

Tweet Regularly

An average of 9,100 tweets are being sent per second today. That’s a huge number! You don’t expect yourself to sit all day long and send out Tweets, but at least you have to tweet often. Your tweets could be around your business, your personal life, some quotes, or simply just thoughts you just had and would like to share with your followers. twitter marketing beirut That’s the power of Twitter. The average number of tweets is  5 to 10 tweets per day. The most important thing is to make sure that your tweets are interesting (business and personal) to attract new followers and engage with new people.

Use Hashtags and Photos

Twitter’s power is mainly through Hashtags . People use the hashtag symbol # before a relevant keyword or phrase (no spaces) in their Tweet to categorise those Tweets and help them show more easily in Twitter Search. Clicking on a hashtagged word in any message shows you all other Tweets marked with that keyword. An example of some good hashtags that are trending right now are #onlinemarketing #beirut #salmahayek. It’s like a search engine to highlight relevant keywords in your tweets. Your Tweet, when using hashtags, will appear to users interested in your topic and will let eventually increase your number of followers and engagements. Twitter tells you what are the most popular hashtags in your nearby location. Other websites such as tells you what are the most popular hashtags being used right now, and gives you an insight about hashtags you would want to use in your tweet.

Use Photos 

On the other hand, and in order to differentiate your tweet from other, I suggest you use photo tweets, by adding a photo to your tweet to make it look appealing. Tweets with images receive 18% more engagement than tweets without. That’s why it’s essential to add a photo to your tweet that represents your tweet itself. Twitter will require 23 characters for photo attachments leaving you with 117 characters.

Follow & Get Followed

You want to increase your follower base? Follow people that are relevant to your account. If you are looking for potential customers to your restaurant, I suggest you start looking for people (based on your criteria selection) in your region and following them to get followed by them. Here’s a small secret to work with; make sure you have a balance between the number of followers you follow and the number of people following your account. You don’t want to end up with account following 20K accounts and being followed by only hundreds. You need to set a balance. Of course as a start your number of followers might be less than the number of accounts you follow, but with time you’ll need to manage a balance for that. Many accounts have a very high number of followers and very low number of accounts following, that’s good but personally I don’t like that. I think it’s disrespecting if people follow you and you don’t follow them back. Of course exceptions are always available.

Here’s Additional Advanced Tricks to Increase Your Followers

Unless you are someone sitting at home doing nothing except tweeting, you might not have the proper time to search for articles that you would like to share with your followers and tweet about them. That is why it’s good to have an automated system you can use to schedule your tweets and share the content you desire. I personally got introduced to, an application you can download on your smartphone or use directly through your computer that will help you search for relevant articles available on the internet and schedule them to be tweeted. What is beautiful about Bufferapp is that it gives you suggestions about content being shared on the Internet that is relevant to your industry. If you have a blog, you can use the app to schedule your tweets at the times you desire. A good practice I use is to schedule your weekly tweets once or maximum twice per week and monitor the engagement you receive. Bufferapp is also loaded with analytics where you can see engagement stats of all your tweets and build your upcoming ones upon them.

Another app I use along with Bufferapp is, a website that shows what content performs best for any topic or competitor on different social media channels. If you searching for content that is “sharable” you need to check this website and see what is getting trendy on social media. You can simply copy these tweets and add them to your scheduled tweets on Bufferapp and boom; you capture the most engaging tweets you can share with your followers. Easy stuff!

We talked earlier about hashtags and the importance of using them in your tweet. Here’s another application you can use to know what is the trendiest hashtags you may use. allows you to search among 39,085,945 Twitter hashtags and quickly find the best ones for your need based on their popularity, relationships, languages, influencers and others.

Now you have all the weapons needed to build up a remarkable Twitter account. The only thing that is missing is your personal touch and account customization to reach out for your desired audience.

In case you wish to build up your social media strategy and brand yourself on Twitter, we’re here to help. Just contact us and we’ll serve you!