Un-Boring and Un-Similar Social Media? Yes, You Can!

Here’s some tips on how to be “un-boring” in your social media marketing activities

Social media nowadays is one of the major marketing tools that help growing any business. From this perspective, many businesses have started investing in social media. According to “Hubspot” statistics, 92% of marketers claimed that social media marketing was important for their business, with 80% indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites. In addition to that and according to Social Media Examiner, 97% of marketers are currently participating in social media.

interesting social media content
Despite these facts, and as a result of using heavily these social-business platforms, companies have started to enter in a closed circle, where ideas started to come to an end and consequently posts started to be very similar: Blog Post Link … News article link… Infographic?! Nothing new actually!

But if content is king, well it should dress accordingly!
In order to avoid this closed and similar circle, some fun ideas should be added to your page. Everybody love humor, relevance and value, so why don’t we invest in them?

In this article, you will find some creative ideas that could spice-up your page, in a very simple, easy to execute and fast way.

Conduct Polls

Considered as one of the most powerful tools brands that can be incorporated into a social strategy, they allow for the customers to express their opinion freely and, in parallel, give the company a deep understanding of its customers personalities which contributes in building bigger communities.

Fill in the blanks

Always a funny way to check your customers’ answers and interact with them in a familiar way. Just add some simple sentences such as “Today is a good day to ______” and increase your interaction with others.

How I work

Share some photos of your company environment, your desk and your unorganized or doubtfully organized desktop, and see how your followers will instantly respond by sharing their own proper work photos. This will increase your popularity and make your followers feel very close to you.

Throw-back Day

Choose a specific day of the week to publish a throw back of your company’s products, staff, offices, etc.… This post will allow your potential and real customers to get to know your company’s history in a very easy and fun way and follow your evaluation gradually.

Team Member Day

It is always good to meet the people you interact with every day. Choose a specific day of the week to profile the employees of your company using fun photos, bio notes, interviews, etc.

Random tips and tutorials

What is better than getting the chance to learn new things in a very easy way? Just post some managerial or other related posts that include tips represented in visuals, or even prepare a 2 to 3 minutes video that explains a specific topic and enrich it with animation graphics.


It is always essential to make everybody feel motivated and inspirational. Post some meaningful post in a beautiful design and see how many likes, shares and followers you will get.

Mystery Photos

While being at work, it would be very nice to have some minutes to have fun and change your mood, so you keep on producing along the day. Offer this chance to your followers, present mystery photos about your staff maybe, or products, or offices and offer a prize (that could be very simple) for the first 3 persons who guessed it for example.

Company Celebrations

Do not forget to share the company’s celebrations with the world! Just like all people love to celebrate their birthdays or anniversaries or memorials with loved ones, do the same. This thing will make your followers feel as if they are part of the team and you will get the chance to perceive beautiful wishes and support, the thing that will up-level your community.

Weird Holidays

It is always fun to know unknown things. Did you actually know that there is a Hamburger International Day? I bet everybody will love to know that and maybe celebrate it! Let your followers be distinguish and know special things! This will create a fun and surprising environment and people will start noticing your high marketing skills.

Event Social Media

Make sure to let your followers know if you are participating in an event. Share pictures, videos and every other related thing and interact with your community. This will give a better picture of your company, as a pioneer in its domain and as result increase more and more your circle of clients.

Product Comparison and Social Proof

highlight the importance and benefits of your products, and compare your old products to the new ones. Be also sure to use a specialized and user-generated content in order to build-up your brand and increase your leads.

Now these are only a small list of what you can post on Social media. It is not recommended, however, to do all at the same time. Just test and see what works for your channels and always be fresh. That’s the key!

In case you would like to know more about how to have an appealing social media presence, check our upcoming online marketing workshop.