Do I Care?

Honestly, I don’t…

If you want to spam me with undesired emails and hack my inbox with unwanted messages than definitely I am not in your targeted group. But how will you know who’s your target group?

Email Marketing is one of the oldest online marketing techniques that is still heavily used nowadays from most organizations and marketers. No doubt this technique has helped and still helping millions of businesses to capture leads and generate sales but then the question arises. Am I targeting my pure target market?email marketing beirut

From a business perspective I really do not care if I am targeting my pure audience or if I am generating good leads from my email marketing campaign. But from marketers’ perspective I believe I should invest more in my efforts to target only my pure audience, which eventually will increase my number of leads and will maintain a long-term business cycle with my recipients. So which is better? My business goals or my marketing goals? Do I need to generate leads immediately or build a long-term business cycle with a green light? Well, this is a bit tricky, but the rational answer would be to combine both goals in one global strategy. Let’s start talking about the main definition of Email Marketing and what you need to do to get your emails read.

Email Marketing is the process of communicating commercial messages to a group of people using emails. This is the definition by the book. In order to understand deeper this definition you should divide it into two main sections; (1) the commercial message, and (2) the group of people.

The commercial message: What are you communicating? Is this message clear to you before making it clear to your target audience? And what type of commercial messages are you sending out?

Each question listed above is a factor that determines your success and failure.

Here’s how:

You should know exactly what you want message you are communicating to your audience. Meaning that you should know how to create interesting content that makes the recipient interested in reading the entire message or at least most of it. A great way to write compelling message is using the FAB concept. List the Features your offering, state the Advantages of these features, and finally reflect these advantages to the Benefits of your readers. This way, you will guarantee that you delivered the right message to your people. Of course you should add to it desired Call to Actions to smartly capture your leads.

You also have to  list your important content on the top of the page knowing that most readers will not read your entire message to the end.

Make it short or in other words, make it brief. You have to respect your readers’ time. Do not waste their time too much to read your email. List your important content in the email and add the rest of the explanation on your landing page.

Improve your email’s open rate through adding a compelling subject line. Emails with shorter subject lines outperform emails with longer subject lines. Keep your subject line short and simple; 30 to 40 characters (5-8 words) are more than enough. Include the immediate benefits why users should open your email. Finally, use punctuations and capitalizations carefully in your subject line. Use them but don’t overuse them.

These are the main elements to build a compelling email marketing campaign. But of course that’s not all. Nothing says you should abide by the book as each business can have its own ways of capturing leads through emails. The next thing you should do is to build a targeted database from your preferred leads.

If you want to dig into details and know the latest strategies of how to compose a high open rate email marketing campaign, check our training and consultation services.

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