In the Eyes of Your Visitor

Make Them Feel Welcome!

Imagine someone coming to visit you for the first time. What are the thing you do to have the right impression. First thing is making sure to make your house look neat. When your door bell rings, you would open the door greet the visitor, and guide him/her to where he/she should sit. This is exactly what should be done when users are visiting your website for the first time. You should be a welcoming person, guiding them to what they should do and what actions to make. At the end of the day, most new comers to your website do not know you but are keen to get to know you.

But how will you do that? Well, it’s easy, align all your advertising efforts with relevant landing page. A landing page is any page on a website where traffic is sent specifically to prompt a certain action or result.

landing page strategies

The objective of the landing page is to familiarise your services to your users and guide them to make a certain desired action you aim for. In order to reach this objective, you need to consider many aspects when creating your landing page.

Set up a defined goal for your landing page

Ask yourself, what do you want them to do? Visit your location, pick up the phone and call you, register for your newsletter, read more about your offer… Once you have your objective in place you can proceed to the next step.

Make it neat

Align your information in a properly displayed way, use colors and different fonts but don’t over use them. Use call to actions and add a subscription form if you request users to register. Add your contact information and other information a user will need. But on top of that try to keep it as simple as possible in terms of design and content display.

Be consistent

If your ad is promoting a delicious steak, your landing page should not promote car maintenance services (Ok that’s too much exaggeration) but when I am trying to say here is that if your ads speaks for a certain announcement your landing page should follow the same consequence giving more details and description about this announcement. The biggest and most common mistake is to promote a freebie in your ad which turns out to be the opposite in your landing page. This backfires on you and you will eventually end up with a very high bounce rate with no results. It is also recommended to use the same keywords and sentences you used in your ad in your landing page. For example if you are promoting an online training in Beirut, users will not expect to have this training in New Delhi.

Write in Second Person (You & Me)

Using “me” and “you” in your landing page breaks the ice between your visitor and your website and will create a human touch and friendly environment.

Keep the best on top

Your best content or let’s say your persuasive content should be on the top of your page. Users might not scroll down to check all the details. Attract their attention through the very first sentences they see when landing on your page.

Use videos:

If possible add a video section on your landing that welcomes visitors on your page and describes the services you offer. Many people tend to watch a video other than reading text.

Make your first paragraph short

This will be a summary of what you want to communicate to your visitors. Make it short, helpful, and informative so they can decide whether to continue reading and do whatever you want them to do or simply leave the page.

Let your page load fast

Visitors are short-tempered. They will not wait long for your page to load and eventually you will end up losing potential customers. That’s why try to make your landing page load quick as much as possible.

Add testimonials to your page

Let visitors know that you are credible in what you are offering. Add testimonials from your current/previous customers about their experience with your services. It is ultimately recommended to add their names and photos for authenticity purposes.

Test new ideas using A/B Testing

Decide which ad and landing page combination best performs. Sometimes your ad is performing well but your landing page is poor. This only appears while testing.

Finally, you should take into consideration the limitation and bounds available when building a landing and overpass them vigorously. Sometimes you do not have the resources to develop a landing page or in other times you might lack content or even design. In that case you probably would refer to websites that sell landing page templates such as and customize your own template, or you can outsource the entire project completely. Whatever you do, make sure you stick to the above tips and shine in the eyes of your visitor…

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