11 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

This is how you increase your website traffic

Every business tends to increase its website traffic in all means. Some tend to advertise constantly to gain traffic whereas others invest heavily on content creation and organic SEO activities to grow their traffic. Many leverage on Social networks to attract fans and followers to their web pages. We also notice the use of outbound marketing to promote their online business. To be honest, the choices of growing your website traffic are unlimited. However, what you have to do is to stick to a plan that ensures your traffic is growing in a steady manner.

It’s very easy to build up traffic through an advertising campaign launched through Google AdWords or any other advertising vehicle, yet if you don’t have appealing content on your website, you will loose the traffic and your campaign will end up in a failure.

Here’s how you can increase your website traffic using different marketing techniques:

Launch your advertising campaigns

increase website trafficAdvertising is the fastest and easiest way to build traffic to your website. Using paid search through Google, social media Advertising through Twitter and Facebook, or display ads through highly visited websites, you can easily get traffic. Remember when you consider advertising, think of what you are advertising for and how you are presenting your campaign to your targeted audience. Give your audience a reason to click on your ad and visit your website, and when they do, make sure you have a well-structured landing page.

Leverage your content on Social Media

In previous posts, we explained the importance of blogging and building content to your website. But just for a reminder, you need to write content that is relevant to your business and “makes sense” to your audience. This is the ultimate sticky tool that makes people come back to your website and generate traffic effectively. Once your content is ready, start leveraging it on social networks. Twitter is one of the most effective social networks that enables you to attract visitors to your website interested in what you offer. Following a well structured strategy on Twitter will pay out for you. You may also consider LinkedIn if your content is targeted to businesses. Facebook as well pays up well to convert your fans/friends to your website. Google Plus on the other hand help your site show up in personalized search results and seems especially effective in B2B niches. Just make sure not give up if you don’t find any results from first times, consistency is the key.

Focus on on-page SEO

On-page SEO is a key element to attract search engines to visit your site frequently. Make your website SEO friendly through adding relevant keywords, H1 Tags, meta description and other desired activities we explained in a previous post. Remember to target long-tail keywords that are relevant to your website and bring targeted traffic to your site. If you achieve to build a successful on-page SEO, you then managed to gain the attention of search engines and eventually increase traffic to your site.

Try Guest-Blogging

Guest-Blogging is the process of sharing your content through third-party blogs that are rich in content and traffic. But be ware, if you are performing guest-blogging you have to be very careful which blogs you are selecting. Blogs that are not relevant to your industry may cause you a penalty from Google or other search engines that consider this process as spamming. That’s why selecting the blogs you want to publish your content on is very crucial. On the other hand, and in case you allow this option on your site, invite other to guest-blog on your site. This way you can increase your website traffic through attracting people interested to read these articles.

Link internally

Internal Linking is an important element in SEO and redirecting people to other pieces of your content that is available through your different web pages. Google and other search engines just love internal linking and consider it an effective tool to have a well-structured website. This does not only help in SEO but also result in better, more useful experience for your users.

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing still works! You can either use for marketing a specific campaign or create a newsletter channel that sends out your latest news, articles, happenings, etc. to interested recipients. If you want to do it right, follow the steps of building a permissive database available in a previous post. However, if you have a one-time campaign you can refer to third-party agencies that have good database. I know it might sound like spamming, but in many cases these lists help to increase your traffic.

Make sure your site is friendly

Building a friendly website is more than having your content well-structured and using a neat design (although these are majors). It goes deeper by having your site visited through different platforms, mobile friendly, fast loading, and straight to the point. Your visitors do not have all day long to find what they are looking for on your website; if they don’t find it fast, they will check other alternatives. And trust me on this, the web is full with alternatives. Follow the rules in your design project and you will guarantee an increase in your visitors.

Submit your content to aggregator sites

According to Wikipedia, Aggregator refers to a web site or computer software that aggregates a specific type of information from multiple online sources. This means that you can share your content on aggregator sites such as Reddit, Digg, and others to a massive audience that is available there and can be redirected easily to your site. Use it but don’t over use this tool since you don’t want to end up with high traffic yet low conversion (if you are considering to convert people to do a certain action). Aggregator sites can help you spread your content and make people share them through their social media which eventually end up with more exposure and more traffic to your website. One final tip on this: if you managed to get to Google News, then you will notice a differential difference in your traffic.

Use Audio-Visual Content  

Audio-visual content is becoming more and more popular on websites. People tend to see an infographic, watch a video, or even listen to an audio rather than reading an article. If you are able to provide them with such content in high quality production, it means that your site will become frequently visited. But wait, that doesn’t mean that you have

to eliminate your text content and focus on audio-visual content, try to have a mixture of both so that people on search engines may find you no matter how they search for your content.

Listen to competitors

If you don’t know what your competitors are up to, this means that you are not aware of their marketing activities neither their plans. It’s very normal that every business keeps an eye on competitors to evaluate how they are doing and explore ways of improvement. Do the same. Use applications that will let you know what content is trendy within your industry and where does your competitors and yourself stand through these trends. If you are looking for an application that gives you an insight about what is being massively over social media, check out BuzzSumo. That way you can build up your content based on what people are sharing and what is trendy.

Measure your results

Finally, always measure your website’s traffic. It’s very easy and simple. Many analytics tools are available but one that is proved to be the best and most convenient to all websites is Google Analytics which gives you a deep insight and measurement of the activity that is happening on your website. As a beginner, look into the basic measurements that show you the total number of session (visits), new sessions (new visitors), number of users (repeated visitors), number of page views, and your website bounce rate. You may also look into the best performing landing pages and optimize other pages through internal linking. Remember to keep track of what is happening on your website from time to time and monitor the changes.

These are mainly some tips that help you increase your traffic to your website. In case you are interested to learn more, register for our upcoming online marketing training that will make you dig deeper in the successful techniques of online marketing.