This is Attraction Marketing

Hello Stranger, Can We Meet?

Who ever said that content is king is surely correct. It is energy that keeps the internet rolling. And when it is written properly, it will be your number one sales tool. This is where attraction marketing comes in.

Attraction Marketing is the use of marketing techniques specifically designed to teach the customer what you are doing and how a service or product will benefit them well before they purchase it. [source –]

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In short, attraction marketing is the process of offering free credible content to attract potential customers and get them perform a certain action on your website.

Why am I spending time to write about it? Because simply, it can speed up the lead generation process for your business. What is good about attraction marketing is that it positions your company/brand in a prestigious level and gives it a competitive edge over other competitors that are trying to bombard customers with promotional messages.

It is an indirect method of selling and showcasing your credibility in front of your customers and providing them with the needed sources that will help them switch from attraction to the closing stage. Remember, prospects will give information only if they are getting something in return.

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Take the following case study as an example. Imagine yourself looking for travel tips and are redirected to a website that offers loads of travel tips as well as travel packages. At first, you probably won’t be interested in buying a travel package but you will get acquainted to it through its content. Then, once you are ready to make a decision to spend a vacation somewhere, you will definitely refer back to this website.

Attraction marketing is not new; we are all involved in attraction marketing daily to communicate, attract, convince and support others in whatever they want to sell. It is the law of attraction.

Attraction marketing comes in different formats; white papers, eBooks, templates, reports, infographics, blog posts, or any other piece of content that would be conceived valuable to readers.

Remember the main principle of attraction marketing is to educate before you sell. Let your potential customer received the needed information about your product and services before getting them to make a purchase. This is the beauty of attraction marketing. Your leads will get a real-feel of your product before doing a purchase.

So how to succeed in attraction marketing?

Identify what people need

Knowing what your customers need and offering content that solves their problems is half way to your successful attraction marketing. Remember, your ultimate goal in creating content is to solve your potential’s customers’ problems. Here, you need to gather information of what your customers need. You can do so through conducting surveys, asking your sales people about question they receive from their clients, conduct keyword research, in addition to many other ways. But the most important thing is that you need to do it properly and create your content based on assumptions. It would simply be a waste of time.

Spend time writing remarkable content to gain trust

Knowing your customers’ need is great, but writing good content that really resonates with their interest is the big thing. You need to focus on offering genuine expert-based piece of content that positions you and your company as a trusted expert in the field. Trust wins all the times, and yes, it is without any doubt the backbone of attraction marketing. When you write quality content, you will become more credible and this will definitely help in creating potential customers. In order to write remarkable content, you need to make sure that your content addresses one subject at a time. One last word on this; give your readers a valid reason to share their information with you or make a desired action.

Spread your content

Now that you have remarkable content that addresses the problems of your readers, start spreading it and entice users to read it. Leverage on the power of internet to make the outmost of your content and spread it wisely. Email marketing would be a recommended method to communicate your content. Use your social media, blog pages, social bookmarks, and any other channel as well to gain maximum visibility. Encourage your readers to share this content with their circle of friends. At the end of the day, it is educational content that people would love to read about; don’t be shy to share it.

In summary, Attraction marketing is still considered a hidden treasure to many marketers worldwide although it carries the true meaning of inbound marketing. Remember, in inbound marketing potential customers are searching for you and not the opposite. And when offering genuine, credible, informative, and well-shared content, you will be expanding your pool of potential customers without even trying to. The key to success in attraction marketing is providing solutions to potential customer’s problems.

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