Keep it Fresh

10 Ways to Build a Permissive Database!

Do you know that an average of 25% of your database is lost each year? Indeed; people get board if they are not properly entertained or if they are spammed by loads of similar email content or for any reason, but the result is one; you are losing your database.

Here’s how you can maintain and build a fresh database 

Compose compelling marketing messages

Your target audience will keep you in their safe list as long as your content is fresh, updated and targeted to their needs. If you are promoting your services, do it in a smart way; give them something rich and beneficial and of course promote what you have in a smooth approach.

Promote Benefits of signing up

State clearly why your custMan building a tower with wooden blocksomers have to register to your newsletter/email marketing. You have to be clear about what you will be sending them, the frequency of your email and the general content they are going to read. For example if you want to send reminders for your customers about your latest schedule about upcoming webinars, workshops, seminars or any other activity, state the benefits why they should be aware of your upcoming events and what subjects you will be covering. That way, you guarantee that only people who register to your newsletter are those who are interested in what you offer.

Offer opt-in Incentives

Opt-in Incentives are the best way to build your database. More than that, these incentives (if properly done) will build a credibility bound between your customers and yourself. These incentives may vary between white papers, discounts, special reports, offers, prizes, coupons, and the list continues. Anything that you can give your customers in return of making them subscribe is considered a good incentive. White papers and reports are key essentials to attract subscribers. Users are always searching for a piece of information. If you are able to share this information with your readers, you will definitely be thanked for that and in return you will be increasing your database in no time!

Host Webinars to attract new subscribers

If you have content you want to share with your customers, share it in return of collecting emails through webinars. This mode of teaching is simple, free, and would surely result in collecting new database for your email marketing campaigns. You only need to have webinar software such as GotoWebinar, Internet access, and a decent promotion of your webinar.

Include your sign up call to action in various communication messages

You never know from where you can generate your marketing database. Add your call to actions in different communication messages such as your email signature, your leaflets, website, social media, on-site location, etc…

Collect database through offline events

Yes, offline events are an appropriate channel to build your new database. Through offline events, you can communicate directly with potential subscribers of your database and convincing them face-to-face about the benefits of subscription.

Add “Send to a friend” option in your email

Your current subscribers could act as your brand ambassadors and might refer your email to their friends or social environment, especially when your content is appealing and rich with information.

Categorise your email marketing topics

Give the option to users to select what they would like to receive and what information they are most interested in. This will help you in categorising your products/services with relevant and potential recipients.

Refresh your old database

In case you have an old database, it would probably be a good idea to send them an email describing the benefits of subscribing back to your email marketing campaign.

Advertise for it

Finally, you can advertise on Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, or any other channel to encourage new users to subscribe to your database.

Remember you have to dedicate the right efforts to build and maintain your email-marketing database through clear instructions and proper timing of your campaigns along with compelling content.

In case you would like to receive assistance on how to build a permissive database, contact us and we’re happy to help you.