Do You Blog??

Blogging is Critical to the Success of Your Business

Do you know that 79% of companies have a corporate blog and 43% of which acquired new customers?

That is because blogging is increasingly becoming a critical success factor of your business and emerged as one of the most important channels in Inbound Marketing.

By definition, a business blog is a collection of articles that provides helpful, valuable, educational and remarkable content to your target audience. By providing this value, blogs can easily and effectively draw prospects to your website.

But how can blogging help me?

Blogging will help you demonstrate leadership and authority in the industry covered. It will also build credibility and trustworthy relation with your readers, and on top of that, blogging will help you generate new leads and acquire new customers. Blogging provides you with an opportunity to educate your potential customers now and tomorrow.

Blogging is a fundamental way for you to attract more qualified website traffic, therefore helping you convert better leads and close more customers.  With blogging, you will hablogging for businessve this remarkable content that you created that is going to provide long time results and continue working for you.

Consider yourself the marketing manager for a famous Hotel in Beirut, and your hotel is well known to provide the best romantic atmosphere in town. Your blog then should reflect on romance and the importance of creating a romantic gateway with your partner every now and then in addition to many posts around this topic.

People that are interested or searching for a romantic stay in Beirut, will then come across your blog, get educated/informed for what they are searching, and eventually be redirected to your hotel website to become qualified customers.

There are a lot of ideas and topics you can cover but make sure that each post you are writing will have an indirect promotion to your brand and your business. It is fine to have a direct promotion in some of your posts or maybe an advertisement for your latest offers but don’t overdo it. Let the reach be organic.

What to blog about?

Well, almost anything that is related to your business or the industry you are covering. Make sure your blogging is informative to your potential visitors and unique. Try to provide white papers, industry studies and researches, tips and trips, best practices, case studies, etc. Bottom line, if you know it share it.

Technically, how can blogging generate more leads?

Each blog post you publish gets indexed by search engines as an individual page on your websites, and each indexed page you have is an opportunity to get found online from potential visitors.

But first, you have to apply proper SEO techniques to have your blog posts properly indexed. The most important factor you have to take into consideration is optimizing relevant keywords that you want to rank for and assigning them to your blog posts. This will help you to grow your keyword pool on search engines.

Remember, your blog should be rich in content, informative, and properly designed to represent your image. It is preferable to have your blog part of your corporate website even if it has a different design. Just add a subdomain

By having a rich blog, you will be increasing your traffic to your website remarkably and generating leads from people that are interested in what you are offering.

Be creative in your blog and speak your customers’ language. If possible, recruit a blogger/content writer that can help you out. Last but not least, leverage your blog posts on your social media.