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The Four Pillars of Professional Website Development

Creating a successful website became an essential aspect towards your business success. Whether you’re an online or an offline business, your website represents who you are and how professional your business is.

How many times your purchase decision was influenced negatively after visiting a poorly displayed website, or you’ve chose not to benefit from the services of a certain company because of its complex website?

In order to avoid such fails, and to have a neat website that really represents your business professionally, you need to follow the four pillars approach.


Probably the most important function of your website development project is creating your website design. It’s not only about the colors, or the fonts, or how you display your logo, it’s a combination of everything under one umbrella.

Your design should represent your brand. Your colors should match with your brand colors and what users expect to see. Your design should be modern, flat, simple and most importantly clean.

Another important factor to consider is having your design well aligned with your content to guarantee a better SEO ranking as google and other search engines prefer indexing websites with proper content alignment instead rather than going to mazes and looking into content.


The second pillar for a successful web development project is having a user-friendly website. Usability of your website is a key element to attract visitors to your website and maintain repeated visits. It is also a good SEO factor that will help you improve your reach organically.

To make your website “usable”, you need to align your content properly with the design and focus on your users’ navigation journey in your web pages. Do not confuse users with the “what-to-do-next maze”; try to map your website architecture the simplest way.

On the hand your website should have a mobile-friendly version. Nowadays people tend to navigate sites through their smart phones and expect to have a smooth experience. Make sure you provide them with this experience.  

One final tip; there are a lot of eye-tracking tools that help you understand which segments of your website are the most visited and most viewed. Implement these tools on your website and adjust when needed.


Probably the core of your website development project is having proper content in your web pages. You need to differentiate between having content and having the “proper content”.

Proper content refers to having simple, well-written, well-displayed, and well-structured text copies in your website that speaks to your users their language and serves your marketing/business purposes.

You need to address your users with the language they prefer, using correct grammar and punctuations in a simple and easy to digest content.

Regardless of what your business represents, a user should understand and feel comfortable reading your content. When possible, try to add frequent content to your website or maybe add a blog section to improve your SEO ranking and get the attention of your audience.


SEO has been the ultimate factor marketers work on to grow organic traffic and convert leads efficiently and effectively.

No doubt that SEO could be an exhausting task to do and maintaining your SEO ranking is even more exhausting. But when you achieve a high ranking, you will easily grab a bigger portion of your market.

SEO combines many factors; some of which is related directly to content and design and the other is the way you guide Google and other search engines to your website.

To understand better what needs to be done to grab the best out of SEO, I recommend reading the guide to a successful SEO strategy.

Bottom line, developing your project is not an ever-lasting job. Put deadlines to your project and take into consideration the above pillars. Once done, your end project will be outstanding, and you will achieve your goals.

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